The next step in the evolution of CNC Milling is Automation. Our cutting edge Erowa Automation robots are three of just a handful of these amazing machines currently in the UK.

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Micro Machining of Small Parts UK

Micro Machining

Micro Machining is another area which we have invested heavily in. Together with the Automation cells and our three Erowa robots, Micro Machining is the latest innovation...

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5 axis CNC Milling Dorset & UK

5 Axis

High-speed or 5 Axis milling is used to create smaller and more intricate components. Our machines have a very versatile set-up, which reduces the need for several separate...

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CNC Milling Company UK

3 Axis

Our modern 3 Axis Milling section is equipped with the latest vertical machines. These machines are able to create large components with great accuracy...

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CNC Turning of Machined & Turned Parts UK


As mentioned before, Conventional Turning is where a material is clamped into the Milling machine, the material then turns against the cutting tools to create the component.

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Small Turned Parts UK

Sliding Head

Sliding Head lathes are used to create small yet highly intricate components. These lathes are particularly good for creating long, thin components to very high accuracy...

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Marquis Precision Engineering has been providing the highest quality of precision engineering for over 40 years!

We provide CNC Milling services including 3, 4 and 5 Axis Milling and Micro Machining, CNC Turning, including Conventional and Sliding Head, and we are delighted to say we are at the cutting edge of Milling technology in the UK with our recent £1 million investment in Automation.
We create components for our clients, who come from various sectors including aerospace, defence, medical, telecoms, space, photonics, terahertz and security.

From start-up companies looking to create their first prototype to large, well-established names, we provide the highest quality precision-engineered components, working to the highest industry standards