At MPE we have installed the very latest in Automated production systems.

We have now installed three standalone automated 5 axis machining cells.

These cells give MPE true 24/7 production with ‘on machine inspection’, tool detection and pallet management alerts should there be any faulty parts.

With a possible 125 pallets, over 175 tools and a standardised work holding solution our customer’s needs are being met and exceeded.

Automation has given MPE the solution to compete globally on cost and delivery.

We can offer our customers high volumes or small batch repeat orders as well as offering the option of complete kits of parts in one shift.

Please contact us at MPE to see how Automation can help your supply demands.


The Erowa Easy Automation Cell has a single spindle, 40 tools and 24 pallets. We use the YCM NXV 1020A which has a machining envelope (X, Y, Z) of 1020mm x 520mm x 540mm