Micro Machining is another area which we have invested heavily in. Together with the Automation cells and our three Erowa robots, Micro Machining is the latest innovation in Milling technology.

Put simply, Micro Machining is the process of milling incredibly fine detail on to intricate parts. These incredible machines use electric driven spindles with no vibration.

This means these precision cutting tools, some of which are no wider than a hair, can machine incredibly fine detail. Micro Machining processes are used on components where detail is sometimes only microns thick.

At Marquis Precision Engineering, our Micro Machining tools fit into our 3 Axis Milling machines where the normal machine spindle would be.

Firstly, a block of material is placed into the 3 Axis Milling machine and the block is cut, then the Micro Machines are used to create the fine detail.

By adapting a 3 Axis Milling machine we are not limited to the components we can create. We can adapt our machines, our workflows and our factory to any job. This gives us flexibility, adaptability and high quality. And because we don’t have a dedicated machine only specialising in Micro Machining, we can keep the costs down for our customers as well.

Our machines create such minute details that we have to inspect them with our non-contact metrology set-up. This TESA Technology non-contact machine is at the cutting edge of component inspection. It allows us to check components down to microns thick – levels smaller than the eye can see.

Some of the parts we make, for example, for the aerospace or terahertz industries, are too small and too delicate for our contact inspection machine and could become damaged.

With the TESA non-contact machine we can overlay a client’s plans on to the highly sensitive device. This allows us to check all the components are created to the right specifications and that we are within the tolerances allowed for the project.

From start-up companies looking to create their first prototype to large, well-established names, we provide the highest quality precision-engineered components, working to the highest industry standards